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Tree Pruning - Thinning and Shaping

Tree Pruning-Tree Trimming and shaping

Pruning may be necessary for aesthetics, tree health, and/or safety purposes.


  • Trees may be pruned for optimal flower production or simply to enhance the character or formation of the tree or shrub for additional value.

Tree Health:

  • Trees may be pruned to remove branches that are touching or rubbing over another; thinning to allow optimal airflow best for growth; to remove infested wood to reduce problems with pests; to remove diseased wood.


  • Trees may be pruned to remove diseased, broken, cracked or dead limbs or branches that can pose as a safety hazard, especially when challenged by the weather.
  • Trees may be pruned to increase room or view by raising the canopy.
  • Trees may be pruned to increase fruit production of fruit trees.

Pruning should be done by an experienced arborist because where, when, and how to make a cut is vital, along with the time of year for healthy trees and shrubs.

Trees should not be topped! Topping is not pruning and can result in the death of the tree. An expert arborist will not recommend topping a tree.